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Defining Success with a CRM Implementation


December 17, 2015 | by Pam Hannett, Banking Practice Director, Silverline CRM



Having great products and people is not enough in today’s financial services competitive landscape.




Having great products and people is not enough in today’s financial services competitive landscape. Bankers are pressed for time and are competing for market share with the likes of Lending Tree, Apple Pay, Paypal as well as many others. The brick and mortar branch’s existence is being questioned and analyzed for necessity. The community bank is transitioning from being product driven to relationship driven as personal service and truly knowing the customer is what sets the banker apart from their online competitors. In order for this shift to be successful, bankers need technology to collaborate and provide seamless, relationship based services to their customers.


Leading banks are using CRM Systems, like Salesforce, to deepen relationships with existing customers with a true 360 degree view of their customers as well as grow through customer acquisition. CRM can keep your institution agile, connect 1-to-1 with customers, and expand your business by acquiring and keeping customers.


Here are four best practices to ensure a successful CRM implementation for banks:


1. Set Sales and Production Goals in CRM

Use CRM to create a sales management system that supports your internal sales management practices. Reinforce success by building dashboards that show sales strategic KPI’s, outcomes related metrics and support activities.


2. Create a Reward and Recognition Program

By creating a program that offers transparency across the bank, top performers will shine and those who are not natural sales professionals will be forced to step up their game. This will support the recognition of top performers, and enable others to transform themselves to the new process or self-select out.


3. Executive Sponsorship

The project’s executive sponsor should participate and support the initiative from the beginning, through go-live and beyond. This is important to drive success and adoption across the bank. Consider adopting a new employee performance adoption strategy of if it’s not documented in CRM, it didn’t happen.


4. Don't Boil the Ocean

Start with small goals that track against your overall vision. Create a roadmap by figuring out what will be biggest impact and start there; keep your goals simple and attainable. Working with an implementation partner like Silverline can help you create that roadmap with a discovery session to outline the process and possible phases.




Pam Hannett, Banking Practice Director, Silverline

Pam Hannett is the Banking Practice Director at Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner headquartered in New York City. Pam leads Silverline's global banking practice providing executive alignment and industry expertise to banks, credit unions and lending institutions as well as providing unparalleled service and best in breed solutions to accelerate the implementation process. With over 15 years of internal banking experience including all aspects of banking from Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Residential Lending, Wealth Management, Loan Operations, Deposit Operations and Risk/Compliance Management, Pam provides industry related education to the Salesforce Sales Team on banking best practices. Previously, Pam led the team at Bank of New Hampshire to implement Salesforce across the organization.