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2014 in the Rear View – Mostly from 37,000 Feet


January 8, 2015 | by Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer and Hubbard



Financial institutions need to execute more effectively so let's make 2015 the year of HOW.



What a year 2014 was. Family health was good all around, our clients continued to trust and advocate for us and our colleagues remained unrelenting in helping to bring the message of trust-based selling to our industry. Financial services professionals, trade associations and banking schools from 33 states welcomed me to teach, coach and discuss sales and sales management conversations. We can't cover every subject that came up last year but here are a few key ones.


We've made some progress



Building a Sustainable Performance Culture is Still a Work in Progress



Since 2015 is the Year of HOW, How About...



  1. Isolate the behavior you want your associate to improve or get even better at
  2. Discriminate – you must know the difference between good and not so good behavior within that skill set
  3. Observe – it is vital that you see the skill in action whether that is on a joint call, listening on the telephone or reviewing call plans or prospecting letters and emails
  4. Communicate – you ask questions, they have answers. You talk 20%, they talk 80%
  5. Follow up – create a simple action plan that you hold your person accountable to do and then ask about how It's going within a week or two at the most



Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer and Hubbard

Widely known as the "Professor of Prospecting," Jack Hubbard has shared his passion for what it takes to build trust-based sales initiatives for more than three decades. He has helped build more than 100 Performance Management Cultures from Maine to Florida, Texas to California and all points in between. With more than 67,000 bankers personally trained and coached, Hubbard is one of America's most sought after facilitators. An author, lecturer and classroom instructor, Hubbard's expertise and out-of-the-box thinking put him in great demand when the subject matter is sales and sales management in business and commercial banking.