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This month rather than a book review I wanted to share three resources that are must haves as financial services professionals strive to remain competitive and to provide value to internal colleagues as customers. These are CSO Insights, Smartbrief and Newsle.


CSO Insights…Executable Knowledge With a History of Success



For nearly two decades, CSO Insights has been viewed as THE world class resource for sales related data and information. Publications such as the Harvard Business Review regularly quote findings from CSO Insights’ numerous sales and sales management studies. Want to learn about trends in sales effectiveness? You can by reading this company’s blog, registering for its newsletter and participating in its many webinars.


What I like most about CSO Insights is how practical the information is. Sure, you get lots of statistics with their various studies. You also receive easy to read narrative and best practices from many industries and numerous companies from around the world.


From hiring right, better adoption of CRM, optimizing the sales process and much more, CSO Insights gives you the facts needed to make key strategic and tactical decisions. To take some studies yourself and to learn more, go to


Getting Smarter with Smartbrief



Want to be one of the more than four million executives who cut through all the clutter and gain valuable information about vertical subjects each day? You can if you register for Smartbrief. Started in 1999 Smartbrief ( adheres to the principle that there is too much data available to keep key subject matter still. Smartbrief holds the Jell-O together by honing in on newsletters with vertical subjects such as sales, entrepreneurs, CPAs, etc. editors review articles from major news sources and blogs and place them into a concise daily newsletter. There are more than 150 of them available – for free! Clicking on any article allows the reader to take in the content and use it for their own benefit. It also facilitates information sharing via email, twitter, LinkedIn and other means.


One client utilizes in conjunction with their 3 before 8 concept (sending 3 daily emails of value out to businesses to arrive before 8 AM). At the click of a button, with very little effort, commercial and business bankers can use this tool to add value, create thought leadership and develop mindshare with the marketplace. When that all happens, your role as a Relationship Manager ends and you become a Resource Manager.


Newsle- It Proacts to You



When colleagues, competitors and community leaders make news, Newsle keeps you on top of it all. Newlse advises you through a daily email, an app called Connected or by going to your home page on their website. Don’t forget to register so that you become a part of the mix and allow everyone to see what you are accomplishing as well.


Information is found through articles and blogs and can be accessed seconds after being published. Birthdays and business anniversaries can also be found through LinkedIn connections. Newlse searches Facebook Friends, LinkedIn Connections, Public Figures, Journalists and Email Contacts. Virtually everyone in your network becomes an open book and when they appear somewhere, you know about it. What you do with the information is up to you. One can never know the tipping point that makes the sale. Newsle ( facilitates the process.


Trust, value and new perspectives will continue to be paramount in the minds and hearts of clients, prospects and referral sources. There is no way to stay in front of the mounds of information that passes through your various portals on a daily basis. These three resources proact to you and take big data down to useable data for the benefit of all.



Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer and Hubbard

Widely known as the "Professor of Prospecting," Jack Hubbard has shared his passion for what it takes to build trust-based sales initiatives for more than three decades. He has helped build more than 100 Performance Management Cultures from Maine to Florida, Texas to California and all points in between. With more than 67,000 bankers personally trained and coached, Hubbard is one of America's most sought after facilitators. An author, lecturer and classroom instructor, Hubbard's expertise and out-of-the-box thinking put him in great demand when the subject matter is sales and sales management in business and commercial banking.