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December 2015


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Nostradamus I am not (Jack Hubbard) Nostradamus I am not. Heck, for the past 50 years I have predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series. Read
Three Books For The Holidays (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) The holidays are a time to wipe the windshield and see more clearly how your approach to your career is affecting your reality. Read
Defining Success with a CRM Implementation (Pam Hannett) Having great products and people is not enough in today’s financial services competitive landscape. Read
Companies in an Attempting Growth Stage Were the Most Likely to Plan to Change Primary Banks (Sandy Hanson) There are very different reasons behind a small business ($100K-<$10MM in sales) planning to change their primary bank compared to adding a new bank. Read
Alternative Lending: JP Morgan Validates A New Business Model for Banks (Charles Wendel) While some will disappear due to low origination, poor risk decisions, or other factors, AFCs are now part of the permanent lending space. Read
The Gift that Gives Long Into the Future (Jack Hubbard) Everyone in sales should pick it up, read it, put it under their pillow and dream about its contents so that they become internalized. Read


November 2015


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Fostering An Attitude of Gratitude (Jack Hubbard) I had the privilege of making presentations in 11 cities during the month of October. The programs dealt primarily with my idea that a Relationship Manager is outmoded and that Resource Management is what bankers should consider going forward. Read
The Direct-Report Whisperer: The Manager’s Role as Coach and Counselor (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) Managers in today’s work culture are presumed to be socially multi-talented. They presumably possess the skills to teach, mentor, monitor, advise, and nurture their direct-reports. The demands at the office oblige the manager to seamlessly shift from one role to the next. Read
Maximizing Your Training Investment (5 Things to Do Before, During and After Training) (Joanne Krettek & Holly Sansone) With regular turnover and today’s changing sales environment, you can’t remain competitive without continually upgrading the skills of your sales team. Read
Native Advertising Is Not Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi) Native advertising doesn’t disrupt the user experience and offers helpful information in a format similar to the other content on the site so users engage with it more than they would with, say, a banner ad. Read
News You Can Use (Jack Hubbard) Your Bookshelf Read
CSO Insights 2016 Sales Performance Optimization Study Read


September 2015


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How Bankers Spent Their Summer Vacation – In Chicago (Jack Hubbard) ... Read
Feedforward: A Coachable Employee’s Approach to Feedback Meetings (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) Contrary to the assertions of management books, the most important element of feedback is the employee’s chosen attitude toward it, not the manager’s leadership over the employee’s reaction. Read
A View of The Future of Training In Banking (Nick Miller) Within five years, bank employees at the larger banks and, perhaps, most community banks will learn the knowledge, processes, and skills in very different ways than they do now. Read
Product Knowledge Baseball: A Fun Way To Help Bankers Understand Your Solutions (Dana Perkins) ... Read
Take THIS to the Bank: Five Reasons Banks Should Tap into Tech (Chris Rentner) Today, the under $250,000 line of credit represents the second-largest loan market in the U.S. Read
Getting Your Bankers to be Warriors Instead of Soldiers (Theodore A. Rosen) In essence, a warrior is an entrepreneurial soldier who, like most entrepreneurs, lives, eats and breathes his or her professional role. Read


June 2015


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Net-Sharing…Stop Working the Room and Start Adding Value (Jack Hubbard) The key to success is making it worthwhile and meaningful for both parties. Read
The Measurement Trap: Too much metrics? (Charles H. Green) When it comes to trust, the mania for measurement isn’t just benign—it can be positively trust-destroying. Read
What is your Sales Fitness? (Karl Gustafson) While traditional metrics have an important place in the sales processes, perhaps the best ways to achieve goal is utilizing time more effectively. Read
Key Social Selling Metrics. What Should You Measure? (Tony J. Hughes) Social selling is all the rage but poorly understood. All the rules of professional selling in the physical world apply to online social selling. We need to build networks of trust and engage thoughtfully with context and value. Read
Why Bankers Should Treat Their Customers (and Prospects) Like Dogs (Theodore A. Rosen) The risk, of course, is that if the typical customer’s experience is inconsistent with the promise, then the bank is probably worse off than if it had made no promise. Read
Self-Regulation and Goal Pursuit: Be the Horse and the Jockey (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) When we pursue a goal, we are consciously training ourselves for improved performance. Read
Patrick Lencioni: The Box Set (Jack Hubbard) Each has its own amazing ideas to make you and your organization operate at peak performance levels. Read


May 2015


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Connecting the Board to the Performance Culture (Jack Hubbard) Directors play a critical role in overseeing the affairs of the bank. Directors should understand that if they neglect to carry out their fiduciary duties and responsibilities, they may be financially liable if the bank fails or experiences loss. Read
Five Steps In Achieving Greater Online Marketing Success (Amber Farley) Mobile consumers are radically impacting the industry. Read
How to Become a More Effective Marketing Leader (Laura Pomerene, CFMP) The people you surround yourself with and how you build alliances could bolster the credibility of marketing and ultimately your career. Read
When Tomorrow is the Most Productive Day (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) Goals help to establish autonomy, which in turn establishes more goals. Read


April 2015


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The Five Cs of Trust Based Selling - Part 2 (Jack Hubbard) In lending, the 5Cs are nonnegotiable when deciding whether to make a loan or not. Read
How Bankers Can Connect with Women Business Owners (Holly Buchanan) The key to winning with women business owners is to understand the differences between male and female business owners, know where the opportunities lie and know when and how to talk to them about their credit/financing options. Read
Going on a DIET To Learn Credit Skills (Tom Carlin) It has been my experience in teaching credit to branch and retail lenders that technical skills don’t enable the sales conversation. Read
Time to Get in Shape: Why Banking Needs More “Personal Trainers” (Matt Dixon) CEB research revealed that Challenger reps dominate the high-performer population, making up close to 40% of star reps in our study. Read
Setting the Foundation for a Successful New Customer Onboarding Process (Jim Marous) The negative impact of every lost customer is at least $400 Read
You Can’t Take the Human Out of Human Resources: Goal Setting and Motivation (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) Only you can motivate yourself, and it is done in strategic, rational terms rather than emotional ones. Read
How to Really Use LinkedIn (Jack Hubbard) LinkedIn is one of the more talked about and written about subjects in business today. Read


March 2015


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The Five Cs of Trust Based Selling (Jack Hubbard) If you want to differentiate yourself in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, consider changing five key behaviors under your control. Read
LinkedIn, Your Gateway to Greater Connectivity (Mark Cook) As a banker, your reputation is everything. Read
The Greatest Secret to Social Selling Success Is Hiding In Plain Sight (Tony J. Hughes) When individuals make wiser financial decisions, they are more likely to achieve their life goals Read
Goal Setting: Taking Control of Your Development (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) Development is enhanced when others contribute their wisdom and support, and you open yourself to accepting them Read
Three Must Have Resources (Jack Hubbard) Three resources that are must haves as financial services professionals Read
LinkedIn in 2015 for Financial Services (St. Meyer and Hubbard) ... Read


February 2015


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The Five Cs of Effective Onboarding (Jack Hubbard) Thousands of companies have an Onboarding process but most don’t execute very well. Read
The Power of Sales Triggers (Richard Dym) Ironically, the fallacy remains that selling to SMBs is no different from selling to the enterprise. Read
WELCOME TO BB&T VECINO – Your trusted neighbor (Luis G. Lobo) When individuals make wiser financial decisions, they are more likely to achieve their life goals Read
Building Female Talent From The Bottom Up (Meridith Elliott Powell) A lot of things that work for men do not work for female professionals as far as career development and the rise up the corporate ladder Read
Self-Appraisal: Accepting the Challenge (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) With a thoughtful and accurate self-appraisal the ground work for goal setting is established. Read
Book Review: It's Not Just Who You Know (Jack Hubbard) None of us achieve great success alone. We need the help of other people. Read
2015 Acquisition Strategies Infographic (St. Meyer and Hubbard) ... Read


January 2015


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2014 in the Rear View – Mostly from 37,000 Feet (Jack Hubbard) Not only do sales winners sell differently, they are radically better. Read
Bumps in the Night (John Barlow) Three million small businesses accept credit and debit cards at the point of sale. That's one third of all small businesses. And users of merchant services are one of the least loyal to their primary bank. This is a dangerous time. EMV is creating an opportunity and a threat. Read
Mighty Millennials: always-on, hyper-connected, uber-consumers. Why you need to evolve to connect! (Katie Coates) ... Read
The Three Disciplines of Great Hiring Managers. Things I've learned from my clients... (Steve Cundall) Every person you hire either strengthens or weakens the team. There are no neutral hires! Read
Brands will need to care more, motivate more, and "sell" less to create customer value (Nick Kastner) ... Read
Transform the Branch with Targeted Sales and Marketing Strategies (David Kerstein) Branches aren't dead but they must change. Don't delay. Change is here. Move quickly, but thoughtfully. Read
Transforming Your Bank from Branch Centric to Customer Centric: You don't have as much time as you think! (Lance Kessler) The customer should be placed at the center of every decision your organization makes. Period. Read
Will 2015 be "The Year of Trust" or just more of the same? (Barbara Brooks Kimmel) How many more companies will embrace trust as a business imperative in 2015? Read
Retail sales will leverage business intelligence as they increase their focus on small business market (Bobby Martin) ... Read
Data Rich, Insights Poor: Why Banking Needs Analytics (Stephen Messer) The 2015 champions? Banks following a B2C model: insight-driven, one-to-one customized selling. Read
The concept of creating unique, memorable and personal experiences is timeless in legendary service (Diana Oreck) ... Read
Coachability: The Employee Centered Link Between Training And Performance (Dr. Joseph St. Meyer) How can I focus my developmental efforts to be successful in a world of abundance. Read
Workplace '15: The Evolution of the Millennial Conversation. From avoidance to acceptance, exasperation to engagement. (Karie Stupek) The changing demographics of the workplace will force emphasis on employee engagement, retention and succession. Read
Does strategy drive execution? or Does execution define strategy? (Mary Beth Sullivan) A sound strategy requires a constant focus on execution. Without this focus, there is no strategy. Read
What's driving your organization? The gas pedal or the brake? (Jason Tonioli) Doing what's right for your customer will always be your most successful marketing and sales tool. Read
Insight Selling - 2014's Best Business Book (Jack Hubbard) Financial institutions need to execute more effectively so let's make 2015 the year of HOW. Read
2015 Key Sales Training Questions Infographic (St. Meyer and Hubbard) ... Read